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June 26 2017

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“We had a pact, me and him. Every star in the universe, we were going to see them all – but he was too busy burning them, I don’t think she ever saw anything.”





i’m reading a very manly 1950s account of a hunt for el dorado but i’m thirty pages in and the narrator has already described his traveling companion as “handsome” 4 times, “extremely handsome” twice, “exceedingly handsome” once, his voice as “quietly husky” and “a husky whisper,” his fingers as long and deft, his body as “tall and cat-like,” and his eyes as some variation of ice-blue at least three times.

just men being dudes. dudes being pals. it’s great. this is great.

“Ever since he had aimed that gun at my throat, I had liked him immensely. And now I liked him even better.”

oh my god

“I awoke when a beam of light fell across my eyes. Jorge had come into my room carrying a lighted candle.

‘I’m going with you,’ he said quietly.

‘I can’t pay you.’

He smiled. ‘I thought I was a partner?’”


according to apparently every adaptation of a search of el dorado, i think we can conclude that maybe the real el dorado was the homosexuality we found along the way





“Hey do you accept constructive criticism on your posts” doesn’t work as a meme anymore I’m sorry we all know where the punchline is gonna go we’ve all known for like two years, so knock it off!

do you accept constructive criticism on your posts?

Yeah go ahead

this is a good post, and while I agree the meme as it is now is tired, there’s still humour in it if you play around with it, e.g. if you try to subvert people’s expectations

fandom blogs tag yourself


the basic: reblogs all kinds of fandom content, mostly gifs and fanart but produces their own content only rarely. has a reasonable amount of followers and friends but isnt popular. secretly has controversial opinions.

the professional: very organized, uses a complicated tagging system, often specializes in meta, gifsets or edits. they are respected but nobody actually knows anything about them??

the living shitpost: has a squad of similar people and all they do is create memes at 2AM. if you see a new fandom meme it probably came from these people. either has the default theme or changes their theme every other day.

the parent: has been in the fandom for a decade, is tired of the discourse and doesn’t keep up with new fandom jokes but is always friendly to new fans. always thinks the series was better in the Old Days.

the sinner: dont look at their blog when your parents are in the room. nuff said.

the writer: very text-heavy. posts are fics, roleplays, headcanons or asks. their writing is loved by everyone but somehow they still only get 6 notes on their posts.

the artist: produces nice fanart, probably sells it at cons or on their website. is poor and struggling and is actually a nice person. wants to take requests from people but doesnt have the time.

the discourse™: will fight anyone about anything.


Mark my words on this, there’s going to be a whole subgenre of literature based on this administration in a few decades. There’s too much material to let go to waste. What writer could independently conjure up Donald Trump? This moronic, racist, mentally deteriorating egomaniac who made gaudy hotels and low-brow TV shows before accidentally becomiing president. It takes a bold imagination to make that. Or his wife, the aging supermodel who despises him, raising their (rumored to be autistic) youngest son alone in her gilded cage. There’s the socialite daughter who ignores the atrocities to sell blouses and garner positive tabloid covers. The scheming son-in-law with the FBI closing in around him for his international financial frauds. The wastrel sons who yearn for his approval but make every problem worse with their public gaffes. A completely forgotten second daughter, never seen or heard by anyone. A general turned traitor. A tragically pathetic spokesman known mostly for his constant humiliations. A bloated, drunken white supremacist clinging on to his one last shot at his ethno-state fantasies. A renowned lawyer and g-man brought out of retirement, hiring a team of elite prosecutors and investigators to hunt them all down for their malfeasances. It’s all too much.

how to trick writers into giving you more fanfic to read









Works for comics and art as well.

…this has the opposite effect.

instead try;
I love you
*generic keysmash*
*lavish praise*
*inside fandom joke*
*quote fave part* *more generic keysmashing*

you. i like you

Also, the favorites:
3) why must you hurt me this way
5) This made me cry/squeal/giggle/wake the dead with my laughter
6) I almost woke my family laughing at ___ part
8) this is so cute I’m dying
9) and (writer’s name) strikes again!
10) I had to reread this bc it’s so good and I love it
11) I wish I could like/heart/kudos this more than once
Like, seriously guys, freak out with us and you’ll have us wrapped around your little fingers.

This is so true! A lot of the time, I get stuck in a writer’s hole. But whenever I get a comment like the above ones, it makes me want to write more!


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how I deal with my parents cruel ness

Wait, where are her parents again?

Disney. That’s where.

Without me.

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i dont think ive ever been more excited to watch a 1:50 hour video

it starts off tearing into doctor who under moffat and hbomberguy i could kiss you i love you great video already

please watch this video if you care about or have cared about sherlock or doctor who on any level its cathartic

this is the third time i’ve seen someone discover this video and watch all of it despite it’s length because it’s… that good

anyway, how do i letterbox this

im 20 minutes into this and it’s a work of art

EDIT: im 40 minutes in and he’s covered the horrific queer coding of sherlock and the more horrific coding of moriarty 


I made some tiny pixel polyhedral die pride banners like the queer tabletop dork I am. please like or reblog if using :-) Part two here with even more pride!

bi pride

image image

ace pride

image image

gay pride

image image

genderqueer pride

image image

trans pride

image image

pan pride

image image




I feel like I should make a post about this because it’s not something that’s very well-known, and that Americans in particular may need to know about given the uncertain state of our healthcare system at the moment. I’ve wanted to write this out for a while, It’s kind of a long post, so sorry about that!

If you have an emergency and have to go to the hospital, you’ll owe the hospital a lot of money.
(I got into a car wreck and broke my ankle and my arm. My hospital bill was around $20,000)

You’ll also owe the ambulance provider, if you need one.
(My ambulance bill was about $800)

You may get separate bills from the anesthesiologist or surgeon.
(My anesthesiologist bill was $1,700)

You may need follow-up appointments.
(My orthopedic surgeon billed me for the appointments and his surgery together and it was about $1,000)

You’ve also got to pay for medical equipment you need afterward, like crutches or a walking boot.
(Mine cost about $75)

Altogether, I ended up with almost $24,000 in medical debt from one car accident. That’s a really scary number for someone like me who makes $10/hr at a 12 hour a week job.

I got my debt down to $1075 by making some phone calls and submitting some paperwork.

The first thing I did was contact the hospital. They don’t make it easy to find, but many hospitals (perhaps most hospitals?) have financial assistance programs for people who can’t afford medical bills. I don’t make a lot of money, and I have bills to pay, so they were able to help me.
I called the billing department and asked if they had any assistance programs for low income people who can’t pay their bills. I had to call multiple times, and I got transferred in circles by people who didn’t know what I was talking about. Finally, I got an appointment with someone in “Eligibility Services” (I don’t know what other hospitals call it, if it’s something different). I had to bring my pay stubs and copies of all of my bills. When I got to the hospital for the appointment, nobody knew what I was talking about so I had to wander a little to find where I needed to go. I spoke with the guy in Eligibility Services, and I waited for a decision on how much of the bill they would forgive. A month later, I got a call telling me it was totally forgiven.

I did the same thing for my ambulance bill and my anesthesiologist, but the process was a LOT easier. I just had to mail some paperwork and it was totally forgiven.

I didn’t bother with the medical equipment suppliers, since the bills came from separate companies and I didn’t feel like going through the process twice for $75. I was assured at the hospital that they had similar programs for debt forgiveness, so I could have probably avoided paying that too.

The only thing I couldn’t get taken care of was the surgeon/follow-up appointment cost, but they were able to put me on a no-interest payment plan.

Medical debt is scary because it’s something that can come from stuff that’s already really scary. I didn’t need the burden of $24,000 in debt on top of trying to get around on a crutch with a broken arm (it’s not easy, believe me!).. but I can’t imagine what it would be like with a bigger debt or a more severe medical emergency.
I see lots of people in even worse trouble than I was in, both financially and medically. Please know that there are options for you when that GoFundMe doesn’t do enough. Even if your income is higher than mine, it’s worth a shot even for partial debt forgiveness.

I am about 900% sure there are people who don`the know this. 

I think for car accidents specifically you can get the car insurance to pay for at least some of it. It probably varies a LOT from state to state and depends on how much you’re covered…but I was hit by a car while biking and I believe the guy’s car insurance did cover some of my medical bills, or would have if I didn’t have health insurance at the time. I had no car insurance myself at the time since I had no car, though they did keep asking me about it which makes me think your car insurance can cover you on things involving cars even if you weren’t in a car or driving at the time. Again, probably varies immensely from state to state and plan to plan, but worth following up on if you’re in this situation.

Christian Couple Prepares to Open First U.S. Home for Sex-Trafficked Boys









First Home in the U.S. specifically for sex-trafficked boys is set to open in late 2016. Of course neighbors pulled a stink and tried to get the house shut down before it even opened. 

The founders are still trying to take donations to help cover maintenance costs. You can find more information about this ministry and donate here



I CANNOT believe how much resistance they’re facing. 

People are worried about their property values when these young boys have literally been sold as sex slaves and raped and abused in who knows how many other ways. They just need a safe place to heal and protection while they testify against their abusers so we can put the actual criminals in prison.

And people are worried about them “taking their medicine” like we’re trying to cure them of something. These are trafficking victims. But apparently people are more worried about these boys than they are about making sure the people who abused them go to prison. 

Oh man, as soon as I get a little extra money I’ll be donating to this fine cause because this is just fucking great. I hate all the shit they’re getting for it, but shit or no shit I want to support these people.

This is very important 

I love that every few months this post gets another surge of notes, and now is good a time as any to give an update.

In late Fall last year, the area of North Carolina where this house is set to be opened experienced a lot of very bad flooding. This has set them back. They wanted to be open by now, but they have finished restoring the house and are now working on furnishing it so they can open soon. 

The link above is broken, so here is an updated one. You can see they  now have a registry for Target and Walmart open. If you want to donate by buying items they need to furnish it, you can do so this way. 

You can also make a donation or become a monthly partner here. 

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gay noi se s



wolfgang amadeus mozart has been dead for 226 slutty, slutty years 

hi yeah what the actual, literal, GENUINE fuck does this mean

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you can thank me later.










1. Progesterone: not for everyone, but for many people it may increase sex drive and WILL make your boobs bigger. Also effects mood in ways that many find positive (but some find negative). Most doctors won’t prescribe this to you unless you ask. Most trans girls I know swear by it.

2. Injectible estrogen: is more effective than pill or patch form. Get on it if you can bear needles bc you will see more effects more quickly.

3. Estradiol Cypionate: There is currently a shortage of injectible estradiol valerate. There is no shortage of estradiol cypionate. Functionally they do the same shit.

4. Bicalutamide: This is an anti-androgen that has almost none of the side-effects of spironolactone or finasteride. The girls I know who are on it are evangelical about it.


Are there HRT medications that don’t increase blood clot risk? I’m already at risk because of my blood pressure, and my doctor won’t prescribe HRT that increases clot risk while I’m on the medication - and I may never not be on the medication.


The concerns surrounding venous thromboembolic events as a side-effect of hormone replacement therapy can mostly be traced back to one particular study known as the Women’s Health Initiative. This study was an enormous undertaking which, unfortunately, demonstrated significant adverse effects of the hormone therapies studied. As a result of this the use of hormone replacement therapy in postmenopausal cis women was dramatically reduced as the medical community began to question whether or not the therapy caused more harm than good.

Naturally, trans women have been suffering from this fall-out ever since.

What physicians seem to fail to recognize is that the study examined a very specific hormone regimen which was, arguably, outmoded at the time the study was conducted: It examined the use of conjugated equine estrogen (Premarin) with or without the use of medroxyprogesterone acetate. Neither of these drugs is regularly used for the treatment of transgender women.

The estrogen most commonly used to treat transgender women nowadays is 17β-estradiol either in pill form or in the form of a sticky patch that you apply to your skin. Esters of estrogen (e.g. estradiol valerate) are also sometimes used either in a pill form or as an intramuscular injection.

Transdermal estradiol patches are the gold standard when it comes to treating women who are at high risk of a venous thromboembolic event. It simply does not increase the risk of developing a venous thromboembolism. The only thing you should keep in mind is that patches are not always well tolerated because of the lifestyle changes required to keep them from falling off and the fact that they tend to irritate the skin.

Fortunately, oral 17β-estradiol appears to be safe, regardless of the increased risk. At least one large study has shown that the use of oral estradiol in trans women is not associated with venous thromboembolic events. An individual woman’s risk would need to be substantial in order to contraindicate the use of oral estradiol.

For those who have significant risk of venous thromboembolism because they have had a previous thromboembolic event, because they are paralyzed, or because of some other factor it is good to know the relative risk between oral and transdermal estrogen. The latest research indicates that the use of transdermal estrogen lowers your risk of a thromboembolism to 80% of what your risk would be using oral estrogens.

It’s difficult to find hard numbers regarding the relative risk of venous thromboembolic events with regards to hypertension. The best I could find after an hour or so of searching was this study regarding VTE in lung cancer patients. Hypertension increased the risk by a factor of 1.8.

However, to put that into perspective being of African descent increases your relative risk for deep vein thrombosis by a factor of 1.3 when compared to Europeans. Europeans are, themselves, at increased risk when compared to Asians and Pacific Islanders by a considerable margin: a four-fold increase.

I should point out that being ‘male’ is also a risk factor for developing a thromboembolism and hormones are likely to be a contributing factor. Also, menopause is another serious risk factor. Given this information it is likely that the use of transdermal estradiol will lower your risk of thromboembolic events significantly.

As far as the anti-androgen is concerned: The primary use for spironolactone for cisgender people is as an antihypertensive.

Even if the risk of thromboembolism was truly significant with modern hormone replacement therapy it wouldn’t justify what your doctor is doing to you. The fact is that mortality in the transgender community from suicide–caused in part due to the lack of access to hormone therapy–is substantial. The quality of life lost when a trans woman is denied hormone therapy is substantial. The fact that your doctor does not appear to be taking this into consideration when they weigh the risk of thromboembolism against not receiving necessary medical care is deeply concerning.

I strongly recommend that you seek a doctor who is more sensitive to your medical needs as a transgender woman.

Edit: Fixed a minor, but embarrassing, error.

oh wow this is so helpful & good info

Everyone who cares about transfem people please reblog this

this was really fucking helpful

Passing this along

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“average homosexual sleeps with more than 500 ppl in their life time” factoid actualy just statistical error. average homosexual sleeps with 3 people per year. Homosexuals Georg, who lives in cave & tops over 10,000 each day, is an outlier adn should not have been counted

This just in: you have to die a painful death–preferably by torture–to understand The Love.


no offense mom but i don’t want to exist anymore i want to disappear into the sky thanks for raising me

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